Year 1 - The Unicorns

Information about our class

Our new topic is 'Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside.'

The children will be learning to:

Mrs Tingle teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, and Mrs Wilkinson Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Evans supports in class each morning.

We have 5 Reading groups in class and your child's book bag is to be returned on their allocated reading day, this may change through the year if it is more appropriate for your child to be in a different group, but we will notify you of any changes. Please make sure you record the titles of all the books your child reads, as these are recorded in their Space Invaders Passport, moving the children through the planets towards the Sun. If you do not record the title we will assume your child has not read.

Homework is set on Mondays and is to be returned the following Monday, this is to support your child's learning in class and to inform you of areas in which you can support your child's learning, we will try to make it practical where possible.

PE is on Wednesdays and Fridays, please make sure your child has a white T-shirt, black shorts, a black sweatshirt and black joggers, (a spare pair of socks is a good idea if your child wears tights to school). Please make sure all kit is clearly named.

Water bottles will be sent home at the end of the school day to be washed and refilled ready for the next day, hydration is really important and aids concentration and learning.

We have had a wonderful start to the year and are really enjoying teaching your enthusiastic, kind, wonderful children. If you have any questions about anything please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks for your support

Mrs Tingle, Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Evans


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Unicorns, Unicorns,

We are MAGIC!


Look at the fun we have learning!!

It may have been murky but we had fun in our Athletics training!

Today we were historical detectives. We looked at Victorian artefacts and tried to answer questions. What is it? What was it used for? Is it like anything we have today? What is it made from? What clues can I use to work out what it is? We really enjoyed ourselves and thought really carefully - fabulous detective work Unicorns. 

Sport Relief skipping led by Year 6 - great fun!

Muddy fun with RuggerEds!

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed up as a favourite book character. We all looked amazing and had lots of fun!

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in our classroom. We have planted beans and sunflowers, investigating the conditions they need to grow. We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and are using powder paints to use his style of painting and produce our own - they are looking amazing so far! We have also had lots of fun learning Jack and the Beanstalk orally with actions and have written some fabulous versions of our own - with a few changes! In RE we have been looking at the Easter story to help us understand why we celebrate Easter. We also had a theatre group in for Science week. They performed a show called ‘At the Bottom of the Garden’ which was about plants and animals - it was very funny.

We have learnt so much about different types of animals in our topic this half term. We orally learnt an information text about Chameleons with lots of actions. We then used this to structure our own information texts about sharks. We used Publisher to make decisions about the layout of the facts and information and which photos to include. We finished this off with a front cover and we are very proud of our work - see what you think!

For the last half term we have enjoyed looking after the animals in our Vets role play area.

We had fun at Eckington today developing our skills and making new friends. Thanks to all the parents for helping with transport we really appreciate it..

We marbled the habitat for the chameleon and then used collage to create our chameleon’s camouflage.

The school nurses, Lindsey and Julie, came into our class today to talk about medicine safety.  We learned about when it was safe to take medicine, how medicines should be stored and also about things we should not put in our bodies, such as household chemicals.    We also learned that some medines look like sweets and to ask one of our grown-ups if we are not sure something is safe for us to eat.

The children are quickly becoming animal experts - have they shared any of their knowledge with you?

Another exciting adventure for the Unicorns today improving their gymnastic skills at Eckington School. As ever the children were very well- behaved and listened very carefully. It was lovely to see the children mixing with children from other local schools. Thanks to all the parents who helped with transport we couldn’t have done it without you. 

What a joy the children were today at The Deep! Their enthusiasm and knowledge made it a day full of awe and wonder. Share the photos below and they will talk you through the many different creatures they saw including colourful fish, huge rays, sleek sharks, graceful turtles and poisonous frogs. Definitely a day to remember and some even had time for a snooze on the way home!! Thank you children for being so well behaved and enjoying it so much.

In our learning about the animals of the North and South Pole we looked at The Northern and Southern Lights. We made the pastels dance across the sky!

We finished our brilliant clay penguins - take a look at them in the school entrance along with our penguin printing, we are very proud of them.

We started working on a new story, 'Lost and Found.' We have been learning the story orally with actions, reordering pictures from the story, using the Beebots on a map of the story and drawing story maps. Its fun to work on our own, with a partner and in a larger group. Next week we will be innovating and writing our own story following the same structure.

We have been learning about the Polar regions and the animals that live there. We had huge pieces of ice to investigate with magnifying glasses. The children asked questions and watched what happened as the ice melted. It was great fun!

We have modelled some penguins out of clay and are hoping to paint them in the coming week - we couldn't do this without our super helpers - Mrs Mitchell, Charlotte and Mrs Platts.

We had great fun being Medieval knights and royalty for the day. Our personalised head wear was fantastic.

We worked with a partner to build a castle using cylinders and cuboids, the results were very impressive.

After our Autumn Walk we wrote some Autumn Shape Poems - have you seen them in the entrance to school?

Some of us have been learning Tag Rugby on Monday lunchtimes. It has been great fun!

Our visit to Conisborough Castle helped us to understand what life was like in a castle, 850 years ago.